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Glamour Gal Sheridyn Fisher shares her vegan beauty favourites! Sheridyn's go to mineral foundation is Esmi Skin Minerals

Sheridyn: "It ticks all the boxes - Cruelty free beauty, Natural coverage & stays on my skin all day. My skin is naturally a little "oily" and Esmi Mineral Foundation really works with my skin to give it a Matte finish without taking away that natural glow."

Sheridyn: "My skin usually doesn't hold any foundation very well and never all day, where as Esmi really works with my skin type and my makeup now stays on all day. I've even been wearing it in a lot of film work and love the way it makes my skin look."

Semi Skin Minerals | Sheridyn Fisher

Sheridyn also loves the new Esmi Loose Mineral Foundation.

Sheridyn: "Have been loving using the new Loose Mineral Foundation  from the Esmi latest Cruelty Free Makeup range! It feels lightweight, has gorgeous coverage and it sits beautifully over the Esmi Mineral Foundation (which I mix together with my organic moisturiser) to create my favourite natural, glowing everyday look Esmi is made in Australia, 100% Vegan & Cruelty free and I love that the individual product packaging it comes in is made from cardboard so you can recycle it when you take the makeup out of the packet, reducing the unnecessary plastic waste that most product packaging creates."  

Beauty Tip! 
"I love mixing Esmi with my natural moisturizer to create an even, natural glow for my skin without feeling to cakey." 

Sheridyn Fisher |

To keep her skin bronzed and beautiful Sheridyn's choice for tanning is La Mav! 

Sheridyn: "With all this rain, La Mav Organic Gradual Tan comes to the rescue to keep the my natural dewy bronze no matter the weather. La Mav is Australian Made, 100% Certified Organic and is not only Toxic free but it is NOT Tested on Animals. It's a beautiful natural tan that promotes collagen & elastin in the skin, it's free of nasties & keeps your skin completely moisturised and hydrated with a natural dewey glow that allows you to build on your tan for a darker Bronze or keep in more natural." 

La Mav | Sheridyn Fisher

Sheridyn: "🌴I love that this Gradual Tan is Australian Made, 100% Certified Organic and that is not only Toxic free but is NOT Tested on Animals (yes, completely cruelty Free!) It keeps your skin completely moisturised and hydrated with a natural Dewy glow that allows you to build on your tan for a darker Bronze or keep in more natural. It doesn't have that "fake tan smell" either. Our skin is our biggest organ and it's important to be mindful of what we put on it, so finding this 100% Organic tan has been magic."

La Mav | Sheridyn Fisher

Beauty Tip!
"My favourite look lately is to have a nice tan, minimal makeup (mascara, light mineral foundation, eyebrows done & a bit of bronzer) and let my freckles show." 

Sheridyn Fisher |

With an enormous passion for animals, the Earth and all its occupants, Sheridyn lives a "Plant Based" lifestyle where she loves to inspire and help others to live a healthy and kind life. Sheridyn whole heartedly believes in living “kindly” and by doing so, inspiring and helping others to want the best for themselves, each other and everyone we share our planet with.

Sheridyn is has also finished her Diploma In Nutrition and is in her final semester of Advanced Nutrition in hopes to share her knowledge on good health and launch her first book "Plant Based life" later this year. 

Sheridyn Fisher |

Sheridyn Fisher

Esmi Skin Minerals


La Mav

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